Nov 072011

Leading peoplWinston Churchill in Downing Street giving his...e though organizational and cultural change is challenging. It’s important, of course, for a leader to understand what causes people to resist change, but this understanding  is useless without the knowledge of how to overcome it. This post focuses on what leaders can do to overcome resistance. Continue reading »

Sep 272011

English: The Big Show arguing with referee Sco...Lowering your voice can be the best way to respond when someone is yelling at you. Because we tend to mirror each others behavior, lowering your voice often has a calming effect on the person listening to you. Calmness, like enthusiasm, is contagious.

Lowering your voice during a conflict can de-escalate the tension and allow you to move from an argument to a rational discussion. Continue reading »

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Nov 202010

Great video by Zach Davis on the power of reciprocity.  Plus, why the tired old line “Can I buy you a drink?” works.

The Power of Reciprocity: Psychology of Persuasion | The Good Badger. (

Sep 192010

communication email reading

We obviously can’t rely on email alone to communicate. How many times have you heard or asked, “Didn’t you get my email?”  Since we regularly use email to communicate, however, we need to know how to make it more reliable?

With any form of communication, capturing and maintaining the reader’s attention are pivotal to success. That’s especially true for email. Continue reading »

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Aug 262010

eye contact lying Avoiding eye contact is not a reliable sign of lying. Nor are other ideas about eye movement like those connected to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). It’s important to dispel this and other myths about detecting lies because mistaking the truth for a lie can lead to tragic consequences. Continue reading »