Values-Based Leadership

I’m believe in values-based leadership because no single leadership style or personality type is effective in every situation. To succeed we need values to guide us, the wisdom and participation of others, and flexibility.

Values: Our core values, as well as our personality, impact how we behave in a given situation. While leadership theories try to explain what style or personality type is most effective in a given situation, they often underestimate  the impact of personal values on our behavior. We align our behavior with our values. To be effective, leaders need clearly understood values to guide them in complex situations involving conflicting opinions. Further, adhering to those values is an important part of earning the much-needed support, trust and respect of their followers.

Flexibility: I’m typically a collaborative, people-oriented leader. There are times, however, when I have to give explicit orders and times when I have to delegate and take a hands-off approach. Again, values play an important role in making decisions, as well as getting agreement and support for those decisions. 

Participation: Empowering and motivating people are pivotal to successful leadership. I work to understand and respect the strengths, aspirations and values of my team members, then lead to achieve their needs as well as those of the client and project. By creating a collaborative, supportive work environment and ensuring inclusion and participation in decision-making, people become empowered and develop a vested interest in the work they are doing.

People who are empowered and passionate about a common goal do not have to be pushed to perform.