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Enterprise Web Reporting – Content Management

The Enterprise Web Reporting project converted corporate reports from paper to electronic format, allowing users around the globe to access report information in a secure online environment.

Each year the web reporting system eliminated enough paper to, if placed side-by-side, stretch from the east to west coasts of the United States and back.  That translated to more than $1.9 million in annual savings from paper, printing and distribution costs.  Recouped hardware, software and human resource costs within months.   Read more

Knowledge Management Services

Knowledge Management Services was a program designed to enable the Knowledge Management concept for an enterprise.  The following projects were executed simultaneously as part of this program.

  1. The Knowledge Office: A web-based system designed to capture, codify and reuse knowledge across the enterprise.
  2. The Knowledge Management Network (KMN): The KMN provided knowledge management functionality and web-based delivery of training for the Army Medical Command and Directorate (AMEDD) in San Antonio, TX.


  • Knowledge Office: Unix, C, Perl, Sybase RDBMS
  • KMN: Windows NT Server, IIS, SQL Server 6.5

Duties / Responsibilities

  • Program and project management.
  • Evaluated and selected human resources, services and technologies.
  • Introduced and enforced project management standards.
  • Reviewed government legal requirements and determined associated risks.
  • Managed a virtual team located in Texas, Washington and West Virginia, US.